It all starts with an idea. From there, we draft a plan to transform raw materials to a finished product delivered to your door.

Whether you need laser cutting, routing, shearing or more – we will build a production plan to bring your idea to life. We pride ourselves on using the most advanced metalworking technology and skills to give our clients the highest quality work at the most competitive price.



Our team of designers use industry-leading tools, AutoCAD® and Solidworks, to capture your idea and turn it into an optimized design and plan for production.

By nesting the parts in the design, we make the most out of the your raw material. We create 3-D designs and a map to guarantee that your concept is accurate and the materials are being used efficiently to make the best use of your budget.


Laser Cutting

We’ve invested in the most advanced laser-cutting technology available for our clients. Our premium Amada Lasers are unmatched in speed and accuracy. The AMNC controller has exceptionally fast processing and almost doubles the speed of any conventional machine while offering the most precise cuts. This allows us to deliver the best quality finished products while lowering the cost of the overall job.

We can cut up to 1 1/4’’ mild steel, ½’’ stainless and 3/8’’ aluminum.

AMADA – 4500 watt – 7/8 cap – 60 x 120 table

AMADA – 6500 watt – 1 ¼ cap – 72 x 144 table


Plasma Cutting

Our plasma cutting machine produces clean sharp cuts to suit your project’s specifications. Our CNC cutting table allows us to offer multi-axis plasma cutting, gain full computer numeric control of the plasma cutter, and create complex welding seams not possible otherwise.

The table is 8’x20’ and can cut stainless steel up to 2’’ thick.


Flame Cutting

Flame cutting allows us to precisely cut the small parts at a quick rate.Our CNC cutting table gives us full computer numeric control of the flame cutter to create clean, sharp edges and a cost-efficient turnaround.

Our 200 amp 8’x20’’ table has two oxyfuel heads and is capable of cutting up to 6’’ thick mild steel.



Our Shop Sabre Router cuts all forms of plastics, wood and other softer materials to produce high tolerance parts.

10 tool changer

Vacuum hold-down table with vacuum system

CNC controlled



Our machines allow us to cut sheet stock in a variety of different sizes and shapes. We primarily use shearing to cut stock into smaller sizes in preparation for more fabrication processes. We can shear up to 1/2’’ x 12’ mild steel and up to ¼’’ x12’ stainless steel.

ACCU PRESS – ½” x 12 ft capacity with CNC backstop

ACCU PRESS – ¼” x 12 ft capacity with CNC backstop


Saw Cutting

Our top-of-the-line saws deliver quick and clean cuts that power through the thickest metals. We can cut a variety of metals we have in stock, including mild and stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and plastics up to 18’’x18.’’

sawHyd-Mech – H – 18 A – 18” capacity – automatic control

Hyd-Mech – H – 10 A – 10” capacity – automatic control

Hyd-Mech – H – 12 A – 12” capacity – automatic control

Marvel 8” vertical saw with auto-tilt

Peerless vertical saw with auto-clamp

George fisher saw – 4” – tubing cutter

Doringer 12” cold saw

Kalamazoo 10” horizontal saw


We can punch holes and cutouts of various shapes and sizes into heavy plates. Our bar shear cuts round and square material. The large open punch stations allow the use of a virtually unlimited range of standard accessories and special tooling. The machine can deliver almost 600 punches per minute.

140 Ironworker

AMADA – 8 ton – replicator punch

AMADA – 6 ton – station punch

Whitney – 70 ton – C-frame beam punch

Whitney – 90 ton – C-frame beam punch



We can reshape your materials into almost any design specifications. Our press brakes have the capacity to form as large as ½ x 16’’ mild steel down to very thin materials with precision tolerances.

ACCU PRESS – 500 ton – 16 ft with horn attachment, auto backstop

ACCU PRESS – 60 ton – 8 ft with auto backstop

AMADA – 100 ton – 10 ft full CNC controlled

AMADA – 50 ton – 5 ft full CNC controlled

GASSPIRIWI – 110 ton – 10 ft CNC backstop



Our large machines are capable of working with heavier grades of steel and metals. By running your sheet metal through rolls, we can create more precise forms and shapes. We produce anything from cylindrical shapes for guardrails to slight bends and flat sheets.

Davi – ¼” x 8 ft – four roll CNC controlled

Famar – 3/16 x 60” – three roll

Birch – 5/16 x 20’ – three roll plate roll

Jim Montgomery – 3/8’’ x 20’ three roll plate roll

Eagle – three roll for shape rolling up to 2’’ x 2 ¼” max

Famar – three roll for shape Rolling up to 4’ x 4’ x 3/8” max

Eurotech – Mandrel Roll for Hand and Guardrail



Our professional welders have decades of experience working with a wide range of metals. We use industry-leading tools to yield the highest quality and cleanest welds for all of our clients projects.

Stud Welding to ¾” Studs

Miller – MIG & TIG Welding Equipment

Lincoln – MIG & TIG Welding Equipment

Cobra – MIG & TIG Welding Equipment


Powder Coating

This dry finishing process can be found on millions of products throughout the world – from barbecues to cars and heavy machinery. We offer endless options of colors and finishes.

Powder coating is perfect for both a protective and decorative finish. It is more resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, scratches and other factors that can wear the paint job over time. We use high-quality, durable paint finish on virtually any project you would like.